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Welcome to the online home of Righting America at the Creation Museum. This site aims to extend scholarly conversations about topics related to creationism, fundamentalism, and the Christian Right in contemporary American culture.  We have been studying the Creation Museum since 2008, asking questions about the museum and the larger enterprise of Answers in Genesis (including the Ark Encounter) as it pertains to Americans’ understandings of science, the Bible, and politics.

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We hope you will use the materials and media provided on our site to develop richer understandings of the arguments we make in Righting America at the Creation Museum.

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RACM Blog Recent Posts

A Pinched Social Ethic

Ken Ham writes frequently and worriedly about young people leaving the church. It might be salutary for him and other Christian Right leaders to consider the degree to which their words and their silences contribute mightily to driving youth away from evangelicalism and from religion.

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Recent Updates

RACM Blog cited at Americans United for Separation of Church & State

Americans United cites the RACM Blog in their latest coverage of Ken Ham’s tax woes at Ark Encounter.

Exploring a Fundamentalist Curriculum at I Love You But You’re Going to Hell

Our colleague Adam Laats examines Ken Ham’s latest venture into apologetics education.

Excerpt from Righting America featured at Utne Reader.

Utne Reader has posted an excerpt of the Introduction to Righting America at the Creation Museum.