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Paul Braterman

Professor, University of Glasgow and University of Texas

Paul Braterman is Professor Emeritus in Chemistry, University of North Texas, and Honorary
Research Fellow (formerly Reader) at the University of Glasgow. His research has involved topics
related to the early Earth and the origins of life, and received support from NSF, NASA, Sandia
National Labs, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He is now interested in sharing scientific
ideas with the widest possible audience, and was involved in successful campaigns to persuade
both the English and the Scottish Governments to keep creationism out of the science
classroom. He is a regular contributor to 3 Quarks Daily, and blogs at Primate’s
Progress, paulbraterman.wordpress.com. His work has also appeared in Newsweek,
International Business Times, Science Alert, Scientia Salon, Scientific American, Salon.com,
PhysOrg, Muslim Heritage, the leading Brazilian webzine Letras & e-Artes, The Clergy Letter
Project, Skeptic’s guide to the Universe, pandasthumb.org, and The American Biology Teacher
among other places, and has been attacked by name by Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries
International, the Institute for Creation Research, and the Discovery Institute’s Center for
Science and Culture.

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