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Carl R. Weinberg

Senior Lecturer in the College of Arts & Sciences, Adjunct Associate Professor of History, Indiana University – Bloomington

A native of Chicago and a semi-professional clarinet player, Carl R. Weinberg is the author of Red Dynamite: Creationism and Anticommunism in Modern America (Cornell University Press). His work helps explain why antievolutionism persists in twenty-first century America. It focuses on the classic conservative argument that “ideas have consequences,” which in this context suggests that teaching young people about biological (and especially social) evolution will lead them to act in an immoral fashion and threaten the God-given social and political capitalist order. Understanding this internal political logic of creationism is essential for making sense of current-day Christian conservatism.  Weinberg has taught US history and politics for more than twenty years and currently teaches in History and the Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) Program at Indiana University/Bloomington. He is also the author of Labor, Loyalty, and Rebellion: Southwestern Illinois Coal Miners and World War I (Southern Illinois University Press, 2005).

Featured Publications

“Ye shall know them by their fruits”: Evolution, Eschatology, and the Anticommunist Politics of George McCready Price, Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture83 (September 2014): 684–722.