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Shuang-Ye Wu 

Associate Professor, Department of Geology, University of Dayton

Dr. Shuang-Ye Wu is a climatologist working in the Department of Geology at University of Dayton. Her research focuses on how climate change alters the hydrologic cycle and the consequent precipitation patterns and the impacts of vegetation covers. In particular, she is interested in changes in extreme events such as extreme storms, floods and droughts.  She also collaborates with other colleagues on reconstructing past climate records from ice cores. Dr. Wu has published 38 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals (until 2018), and obtained grants from NSF, EPA and other funding agencies. Dr. Wu obtained her Master and PhD degrees from Cambridge University in UK, majoring in environmental geography. She is currently teaching courses in the Earth system science, climate change, and geographic information systems at UD.

Featured Publications

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