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Resources on the Cedarville University Scandal

Compiled for Cedarville students by concerned faculty

Most faculty and staff want you to have a positive, healthy and safe experience while at school and are ready to help you in a professional, caring way should a need arise. However, your experience may vary depending on whom you ask for help. We wish we didn’t feel the need to bring your attention to this, because we wish this wasn’t a part of the CU culture.

In recent months, published reports demonstrate some administrators, faculty and staff have not helped students in critical times of need. Furthermore, some intentional actions have made matters worse for students who sought help, and other actions have put the whole campus at risk. The pages below are an orientation to CU’s increasingly dangerous culture and share nearly 40 published reports, starting in April 2020 with the revelation that in 2017, President White, along with the Board of Trustees, hired and protected the confessed sexual predator Anthony Moore to work for White and, in a role in the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, teach students and lead field trips.

Top-level administrators under President White’s leadership have shown a pattern of decision making that indicates, at best, bad judgment and, at worst, a disregard for placing more and more people at risk. Qualified, caring faculty have had their employment terminated while others have been targeted and discouraged to the point of choosing to leave. Less-qualified, less-credentialed personnel have been placed in key decision making positions that affect the well-being of students.

We hope you find this list of resources valuable for understanding the current culture at CU.

Download the entire resource guide here (includes active links) or view PDF below.