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 Recent Reviews of Righting America at the Creation Museum:

The Trollingers…explore the religious, scientific and political dimensions of the Creation Museum and the beliefs it represents…

The book is not a defense of evolution but a comprehensive critique of the museum and the movement behind it. The writing is measured, devoid of bombast and bile, which makes the book effective as the authors rely on facts and cogent arguments. They describe exhibits that don’t adhere to stated principles, opportunistic applications of Scripture and dubiously employed uses of theology, history and science — all in a facility that douses visitors with a flood of information in a fast-paced environment that obscures the shortcomings. The Trollingers “slow it all down” so readers can more fully understand the Creation Museum.

Rich Preheim

Historian, writing for, Mennonite World Review

As the Trollingers observe, one is tempted to dismiss the Creation Museum as a surreal oddity, as something freakish, preposterous, irrelevant, and even wacky.  As a political force, however, the Creation Museum matters, because it “seeks to shape, prepare, and arm millions of American Christians as uncompromising and fearless warriors for what it understand to be the ongoing culture war in America….and all Americans ought to understand what is going on there…The combination of fear, ignorance, large numbers, and high stakes, as the Trollingers itimate, is too explosive to be dismissed.

More than a tour, Righting America is about as thorough and detailed a text-based analysis of the Creation Museum as anyone could want. The book is a perceptive critical analysis of the museum’s purpose, methods, and potential impact.

Wayne Trotta

Psychologist, writing for, Free Inquiry

“Righting America” – the Trollingers’ assessment of the museum’s raison d’être – involves both “correcting” America’s drift away from absolute faith in biblical inerrancy and also championing the right-wing faction of the interminable culture wars. One might have thought that sustained exposure to this worldview would raise the hackles (and blood pressure) of an academic readership, but in fact the material unfolds engagingly because the Trollingers…challenge these ideologies by maximally understanding, dissecting and exposing them, so readers emerge from our deep exposure to this culture feeling triumphant…

Righting America is right, America: we need to figure out – and quickly! – what is going on here.

Randy Malamud

Regents' Professor of English, Georgia State University writing for, Times Higher Education

This is a thorough book, a measured book, a calm and reasonable book. It examines the young Earth Creationism of Answers in Genesis from both a social and a historical perspective, pointing out the gaping flaws in its own internal logic (for instance, placards warning that the physical process of the Flood was unlike anything else in history and placards comparing it to rain washing out a gully are about ten feet away from each other in the same room) and rounding things off with a mild admonition about how far such lunacy strays from the true essence of contemporary Christianity…a comprehensive, you-are-there overview of the center of what Ken Ham clearly hopes to be a network of such faux museums.

The Trollingers might have remembered the days, not too distant historically speaking, when people exactly like Ken Ham would have cut their writing hands off in the public square for writing such a book.

Steve Donoghue

Managing Editor, Open Letters Monthly: An Arts & Literature Review

…who would possibly create an entire facility, much less something they would call a museum, dedicated to the idea that not only was the creation story (well, stories, actually) recounted in the Book of Genesis literally correct but that most of the more popular aspects of paleontology, geology, and anthropology could be reconciled with it – or, as needed, refuted by it. And even if someone did actually establish such a thing, who in their right mind would visit it?

…Susan L. Trollinger and William Vance Trollinger, Jr. brings the curious and fascinating story of this unique institution to light.

John Riutta

Founder, The Well-Read Natualist

…the most compelling elements of the book focus on the history, evolution and construction of the museum as a cultural space and then explore how the Creation Museum fits into that history….reading the museum as one would a work of literature, the Trollingers demonstrate how the museum presents this false choice: Rather than being about providing the visitor with the means to make an informed choice, the Creation Museum is about “constructing the visitor in a totalizing history (or story that purports to account for every event — real or possible) that reveals the hidden truth for all time.” It goes without saying what that hidden truth is.
Colin Dickey

Essayist and Author, Los Angeles Times

For those of us who are unlikely to ever visit such places—because they are too far away or too irritating—the Trollingers have provided a service by describing and critiquing the Creation Museum. They have further proven their point that the museum “is not an inexplicable anomaly precariously existing on the fringes of American life. Instead, it is a mainstream Christian Right institution. Not only do its scientific, biblical, and political commitments represent and appeal to many of those on the right side of the American mainstream, but it joins with a host of other Christian Right organizations in seeking to shape, prepare, and arm conservative Christians” (p. 234).
Jack David Eller

University of Northern Colorado, writing for Anthropology Review Database

The authors argue that the museum helps shape and prepare conservatives to be aggressive and uncompromising cultural warriors…This fascinating and detailed analysis will be of great interest to academics in both the humanities and the social sciences.
Judy Solberg

Librarian, writing for Library Journal