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A Virtual Presentation: From Creationism to QAnon | Righting America

Please join us Thursday evening for our virtual presentation for the Bay Area Skeptics! Our host is the remarkable Eugenie Scott, who was the long-time director of the National Center for Science Education, and who is the inventor of the term “Gish Gallop” (Gish being young Earth creationist Duane Gish), which refers to the creationist technique of piling on so many weak arguments that debaters are not able to rebut the entire argument.

This event begins at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. (Ok, we may be taking a short nap before we present!) All are welcome, and there will be opportunities to comment and ask questions.

And here’s the thesis of the talk: “At Answers in Genesis all these conspiracy theories – climate change denialism, COVID/anti-vaxx, QAnon, young Earth creationism – are wrapped into one tight conspiratorial package.”

Hope to “see” you there!