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American Rationalist reviews Righting America at the Creation Museum | Righting America

The American Rationalist, published by the Center for Inquiry, features an excellent and comprehensive review of Righting America at the Creation Museum in the September/October 2016 issue.  Here’s an excerpt:

The narrative tone is one of calm and restraint, which I must confess is more than I, for one, could have managed. These writers have handled the Creation Museum with a carefully focused magnifying glass; I’m afraid I would have used a bulldozer…


Susan and William Trollinger have shown us the Creation Museum with a starkness and a lucidity that borders on being frightful…One comes away not with a feeling of having read a book but with the feeling of having visited the Museum for real and having found it a dangerous (because so frequently persuasive) attack on reason itself and (I would add) so vociferous a denial of real science that, were the Museum’s viewpoint possessed of sociopolitical power, we would find ourselves hurled backward in time to an age in which independent thought was an evil not to be tolerated and science did not exist at all…


The Trollingers’ book is highly recommended as a fair-minded exploration of something most of us could scarcely have managed to write about in so even-toned a manner.

If you have had a chance to read Righting America, we’d love to hear your response, too!