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Answers in Genesis and the LGBTQ Menace | Righting America

by William Trollinger

As Mary McLoughlin discovered in her close examination of Ark Encounter, the folks at Answers in Genesis (AiG) go to great lengths to make the case that the paternalistic heterosexual family is God’s norm for human beings. And they go to great lengths to fight any and all challenges to this divinely-mandated heteronormativity.

See, for example, the blog posts from AiG CEO Ken Ham regarding the LGBTQ “threat.” Below are articles Ham has written on the topic in the past 11 months:  

  1. July 10 2017: “Priests Who Don’t Want to Marry Same-Sex Couples? ‘Do Something Else'”, about a statement by Sweden’s Prime Minister regarding Church of Sweden ministers.
  2. July 21 2017: “Eugene Peterson, Author of The Message, Comes Out in Support of Gay ‘Marriage'”.
  3. August 02 2017: “Not Attracted to Transgender Women? ‘Work Through That'”, about a tweet by a transgender activist.
  4. August 11 2017: “LGBT Activist: We’re Going ‘to Punish the Wicked’ Christians”.
  5. August 16 2017: “Liberty Counsel Speaks to Staff at Answers in Genesis”, about Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage licenses.
  6. September 09 2017: “Nashville Statement Boldly Affirms Biblical Marriage and Sexuality”.
  7. September 12 2017: “New Zealand Group Supporting Traditional Marriage Loses Charity Status”.
  8. September 14 2017: “Kindergarten Transgender Reveal, a ‘Pronoun Mishap’ and Abandoning God’s Word”, about a California school that accepts transgenderism.
  9. September 24 2017: “Christian Group to Pay for Transgender Surgeries”
  10. September 25 2017: “A Storm of Response After the Rainbow at the Ark”, about “taking back the rainbow” at Ark Encounter by lighting it with rainbow lights.
  11. October 18 2017: “Australians Afraid to Speak Out Against Gay ‘Marriage'”.
  12. October 24 2017: “University Turns Down ‘Politically Incorrect Transgender Research'”.
  13. November 04 2017: “Christians Not Welcome in the Air Force”, about a colonel who was supposedly suspended for not affirming the same-sex spouse of a colleague.
  14. November 17 2017: “Australia Votes Yes to Same-Sex ‘Marriage'”.
  15. Novemer 30 2017: “Polygamy – the New Marriage Battle?”
  16. December 11 2017: “Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage”.
  17. December 30 2017: “Is God ‘an Inclusive God of Unconditional Love?”, about homosexuality as sin (and thus, the answer to the question is no).
  18. January 06 2018: “Is It Time to Abandon Monogamy?”
  19. January 10 2018: “Gay Couple: Reverend Should Step Down Over His Views on Marriage”.
  20. February 02 2018: “University Suspends Pastor for Officiating Same-Sex Wedding”.
  21. February 25 2018: “New Rainbow-Themed AiG Resources”, about T-shirts and the like that “take back the rainbow” from the LGBTQ community.
  22. March 04 2018: “PC(USA) Updates Book of Common Worship with ‘Inclusive Language'”.
  23. May 14 2018: “New Zealand Rugby Team Tolerant Only of Those Who Agree With Them”, about a team that speaks out against discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.
  24. May 21 2108: “US Episcopal Church Removes ‘Husband and Wife’ From Marriage Liturgy”.

When you add in the 20 pieces he wrote between July 2016 and June 2017, it turns out that in less than two years Ken Ham has written 44 articles on the LGBTQ menace.

And yet, in these same 23 months AiG and Ken Ham have been virtually silent regarding white supremacists, the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement (which is now hitting white evangelicalism), refugees, and income/wealth inequality.

Nor has there been a negative word about Donald Trump. 44 blog posts attacking the LGBTQ community, eight years of attacks (sometimes vicious) on Barack Obama (Righting 162-169), and not one post about Trump’s sexual immorality. Not even a post about the President of the United States paying off a porn star.