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Gaining Attention: Recent Press | Righting America

Righting America at the Creation Museum has received some notable press lately, all of which is very exciting for us. In addition to readers’ reviews on Amazon (which are always a treat!) and responses from our Facebook page, we’re also pleased to see reviews that have appeared both nationally and locally.

As we noted last month, essayist and author Colin Dickey published an excellent review of Righting America in the May 12th issue of the L.A. Times. More recently, Dickey’s review was re-printed in the June 6th issue of the Chicago Tribune.

Locally, we’ve had the good fortune to be featured in articles on WHIO, a local CBS/Cox Media affiliate, as well as the Dayton Daily News.

This coverage would not be possible without the continued support of our academic home, the University of Dayton, who kindly published a stellar press release promoting our book. We also remain indebted to Johns Hopkins University Press for their continued promotion of our work.

And we’d love to hear more from you, our readers, about your impressions of our work, the questions and arguments it raises for you, and how you respond to Righting America at the Creation Museum. Feel free to let us know in the comments!

6/26/16: Update: Our interview with The New York Times appears in Laurie Goodstein’s latest piece on the Ark Encounter.