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Ken Ham Proves the Point: For Evangelicals, Every Child is a Gift, Except When They Aren’t | Righting America

by William Trollinger

Closeup of a Photo of 2-year-old Yanela Sanchez in a red sweatshirt and red shoes crying as her mother, Sandra Shanchez is taken into custody in front of a white truck
2-year-old Yanela Sanchez and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, taken into custody June 12, 2018. Photo credit: John Moore (via Getty Images)

In the previous post, “Every Child is a Gift . . . Except When They Aren’t,”  Emily Hunter McGowin makes a very strong case for the argument that evangelicals treasure some children, and not others. I decided to apply her argument to Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. Looking at one year’s worth of blog posts, what does Ham have to say about children, and is it true for him that every child is a gift, except when they aren’t?

In keeping with Emily’s argument about evangelicals in general, Ham definitely has had a lot to say about abortion, and he has also talked about adoption, euthanasia, procreation, and the sex trafficking/sexualizing of children.


  • “The ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Isn’t the Issue” (June 05, 2019)
  • “So, Who’s Really Anti-Science?” (May 16, 2019) 
  • “When Should We Use the Bible?” (April 18, 2019)
  • “NY Takes the Culture of Death One Step Further” (January 28, 2019)
  • “Media Reports ‘Around 1,000’ People Attend DC March for Life” (January 24, 2019)
  • “A Tragic Anniversary: Remembering Roe v. Wade” (January 22, 2019)
  • “‘I Had an Abortion and I’m Not Apologizing'” (January 17, 2019)
  • “Top Performing Movie on Abortion Dropped from Theaters” (November 02, 2018)
  • “Argentina’s Senate Rejects Elective Abortion Bill” (August 10, 2018)
  • “Does Abortion ‘Avoid Birth Defects’ and ‘Human Suffering’? (July 05, 2018)
  • “Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Life Centers” (July 02, 2018)

  • Adoption

  • “DO Embryo Adoptions ‘Give Too Much Personhood to the Embryo’?” (February 25, 2019)

  • Euthanasia

  • “Euthanasia . . . for Children?” (August 16, 2018)

  • Procreation

  • “The Rise of Parenthood-Indecision Therapists” (April 01, 2019)

  • Sex Trafficking/Sexualizing of Children

  • “Teen Vogue Tells Girls: ‘Sex Work is Real Work'” (June 25, 2019) (a piece on sex trafficking that – oddly enough – makes no mention of Jeffrey Epstein)
  • “The Sexual Revolution’s Next Battle: ‘Love Has No Age'” (June 17, 2019)
  • “Next in the Sexual Revolution: Children” (March 28, 2019)

  • Now, it must be said that on his blog Ham spends more time attacking any and all threats to the male-female binary than anything else. Some of these posts explicitly or implicitly focus on how these threats are threats to children and youth:

  • “Preferred Pronoun Stickers, All Gender Restrooms, and More” (May 30, 2019)
  • “Are Sex and Gender Identity the Same Thing?” (May 20, 2019)
  • “Sad Consequences of the Gender Revolution” (March 04, 2019) (dangers of bathrooms that allow for men who identify as women to assault girls)
  • “Gay Barbie? Couple Pushes for ‘Diversity’ in Doll Sets” (January 07, 2019)
  • “Christian University Changes Back Position on Same-Sex Relationships Between Students” (October 01, 2018)
  • “New York Public Library to Host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour'” (July 24, 2018)

    In her post, Emily McGowin also points out that, for all their concern about children, most evangelicals are silent about the number of children (particularly, African-American children) who are killed in gun violence (often within the home).  Most evangelicals are also silent about the rapidly expanding scandal of sexual abuse and harassment of children and youth in evangelical and fundamentalist churches. Most evangelicals have been silent about the horrific treatment of children at the southern border, including the separation of families and the keeping of toddlers and children in appalling conditions in cages.

    Ken Ham fits this description perfectly. On his blog over the past year there has not been a word from him on these topics. For Ham and his fellow evangelicals, it would seem that devotion to the Second Amendment, pastoral authority, and the current President of the United States trumps care for children (particularly children of color).

    But here’s the thing. White evangelicalism is shrinking rapidly and aging rapidly. Young evangelicals are heading for the doors. They get the silence, the hypocrisy, the absence of Jesus.
    In his blog post, “Dear Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving,” John Pavlovitz – who once served as a pastor in an evangelical church – says that “this attrition is likely irreversible.” Of course, nothing is inevitable. But if evangelicalism and its leaders continue to choose right-wing politics over the Gospels, it seems clear that the decline will continue apace.