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Mennonite World Review features RACM | Righting America

We are very pleased to find this kind review of Righting America on the Mennonite World Review website!  

Historian Rich Preheim writes:

The Trollingers…explore the religious, scientific and political dimensions of the Creation Museum and the beliefs it represents…


The book is not a defense of evolution but a comprehensive critique of the museum and the movement behind it. The writing is measured, devoid of bombast and bile, which makes the book effective as the authors rely on facts and cogent arguments. They describe exhibits that don’t adhere to stated principles, opportunistic applications of Scripture and dubiously employed uses of theology, history and science — all in a facility that douses visitors with a flood of information in a fast-paced environment that obscures the shortcomings. The Trollingers “slow it all down” so readers can more fully understand the Creation Museum.

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