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RACM reviewed in Anthropology Review Database | Righting America

Cultural anthropologist Jack David Eller, adjunct professor at University of Northern Colorado, provides a thoughtful and very thorough review of our book for the Anthropology Review Database.  

Eller notes:

For those of us who are unlikely to ever visit such places—because they are too far away or too irritating—the Trollingers have provided a service by describing and critiquing the Creation Museum. They have further proven their point that the museum “is not an inexplicable anomaly precariously existing on the fringes of American life. Instead, it is a mainstream Christian Right institution. Not only do its scientific, biblical, and political commitments represent and appeal to many of those on the right side of the American mainstream, but it joins with a host of other Christian Right organizations in seeking to shape, prepare, and arm conservative Christians.” (p. 234).

Read the extended review here.