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Righting America Reviewed in Free Inquiry | Righting America

We were very pleased to recieve the review of our book that is included in the October/November, 2016 issue of Free Inquiry, a magazine published by the Council for Secular Humanism.  Psychologist Wayne Trotta writes of Righting America:

As the Trollingers observe, one is tempted to dismiss the Creation Museum as a surreal oddity, as something freakish, preposterous, irrelevant, and even wacky.  As a political force, however, the Creation Museum matters, because it “seeks to shape, prepare, and arm millions of American Christians as uncompromising and fearless warriors for what it understand to be the ongoing culture war in America….and all Americans ought to understand what is going on there…The combination of fear, ignorance, large numbers, and high stakes, as the Trollingers itimate, is too explosive to be dismissed.



More than a tour, Righting America is about as thorough and detailed a text-based analysis of the Creation Museum as anyone could want. The book is a perceptive critical analysis of the museum’s purpose, methods, and potential impact.

Thanks to Free Inquiry for the thoughtful review, and we hope that you, our readers, let us know your thoughts on Righting America as well!