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Righting America reviewed in the LA Times | Righting America

This week’s Los Angeles Times features a review of Righting America at the Creation Museum.  Colin Dickey, essayist and author of Afterlives of the Saints (Unbridled Books, 2012), says

“…the most compelling elements of the book focus on the history, evolution and construction of the museum as a cultural space and then explore how the Creation Museum fits into that history….reading the museum as one would a work of literature, the Trollingers demonstrate how the museum presents this false choice: Rather than being about providing the visitor with the means to make an informed choice, the Creation Museum is about “constructing the visitor in a totalizing history (or story that purports to account for every event — real or possible) that reveals the hidden truth for all time.” It goes without saying what that hidden truth is.”

Read the full review here.