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Upcoming Events for Righting America | Righting America

by Susan Trollinger and William Trollinger

Righting America at the Creation Museum has received a number of positive reviews and is gaining attention of many in both academic circles and among religious leaders. We are excited to share news of our upcoming events in which we will be discussing Righting America as well as our current research projects.

On Saturday, March 4th and Sunday, March 5th the First Baptist Church of Peoria (IL) will host us as guest speakers for their “Creationism vs. Evolution” learning series.  We will be presenting “The Remarkable HIstory of Creationism in American Life,” on Saturday from 1 – 3pm and “Science, Bible, and Righting America at the Creation Museum” on Sunday from 11:15am – 12:30pm. Contact First Baptist Church to reserve your space.

We will be leading a 5-part seminar, “The Past and Present of American Fundamentalism,” as part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Dayton’s Adult Education Program. This seminar will run weekly from 11:20am – 12:15pm from Sunday, April 23rd through Sunday, May 21st. Drop-ins are welcome.  

We will be presenting our paper, “Sacred Rhetoric Turned into Culture War at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter” at Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s Sacred Rhetoric Conference, scheduled for May 31st – June 2nd in Findlay, OH. The Sacred Rhetoric Confernece explores discourses of religion, both as it is depicted in various media formats and how religious practitioners discuss issues within confessional communities. Registration is due by May 1, 2017; the conference fee is $90 for faculty and community members, and $50 for graduate students.

Finally, we have been invited to speak at the American Atheists 2017 National Convention, which will convene August 19-21, 2017. The convention, which focuses on intersections of science, space, technology, and atheism, will take place at the North Charleston Marriott in North Charleston, North Carolina.  

We hope that you consider attending any of these events and sharing with us your thoughts about Righting America and our blog.