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Weekly Standard article features Righting America at the Creation Museum | Righting America

In his November 17 Weekly Standard article, “Love to Tell the Story,” Grant Wishard compares Washington’s Museum of the Bible (which, when Wishard wrote, was just about to open) with two other evangelical “pilgrimage sites”: the Sight and Sound Theatres (Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO) and the Creation Museum/Ark Encounter (Petersburg and Williamstown, both in KY).

In his very interesting article, Wishard makes good use of Righting America at the Creation Museum. One of his observations is that in contrast with what one finds at the Answers in Genesis (AiG) sites, the Museum of the Bible’s evangelical message is muted, to the point that visitors might not even know they had been preached to. As Wishard points out, this is certainly not a problem at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter!

This is a good piece of journalism, but we were brought up short by this passage:

For all its insularity, though, the Creation Museum is, on its own terms, hugely successful. And it’s way more fun than anything you’ll find in the Smithsonian.

More fun? For whom? We have to ask. Surely, not for those positioned on the “wrong” side of its culture war rhetoric.