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Answers in Genesis finances, more lame responses from Taylor University administrators | Righting America

by William Trollinger

The header to Answers in Genesis' IRS tax form 990 in 2020, "Return of Organization Except from Income Tax"
Screenshot of the 990 Form from 2020 for Answers in Genesis, via ProPublica

Below are two links you may very well find interesting, if you are interested in how Answers in Genesis (AiG) conducts itself financially, and how Taylor University administrators remain committed to removing a faculty member who attends seriously to race in America. 

  • AiG’s IRS 990 form: The ever-intrepid Dan Phelps has mined AiG’s IRS 990 form to uncover (among other things):
    • Ken Ham has lots of relatives on the payroll.
    • AiG has a corporate jet.
    • Ark Encounter is losing money (but donors are making up for the shortfall).
    • (not from the IRS 990 form): Answers Academy is looking for a science teacher. If you follow this blog, it’s unlikely you are an eligible candidate.
  • Taylor University president and others continue to stonewall in an effort to protect fragile white evangelicals from American racism: In a public forum Taylor’s president and others continue to dodge the fact that Julie Moore was non-renewed as a writing instructor because she focused her course on racial justice, and she included a quote from Jemar Tisby on her syllabus. And there’s a recording that substantiates this claim! See here for our original article on all of this.
    • The GoFundMe to support Julie Moore is still active if you would like to contribute.